How do I make a purchase?

If you would like to make a purchase, follow the link from the Home page to your desired item. Once you have found the item that you would like to purchase, scroll down to the PayPal add to cart link at the bottom of the page. You can add any additional items and then proceed with checkout on the PayPal website. Please make sure your billing address is your shipping address or the order will be cancelled. We do not ship to addresses other than the billing address of your source of payment.


What shipping service do you use and how long will it take to arrive?

We use UPS Ground shipping. All packages are carefully packaged and shipped within 2 business days. UPS Ground usually takes anywhere between 1-6 business days. Please remember that UPS does not ship to P.O. boxes.


What size should I go with?

15" is the standard size in most cars with 16" being an oversized wheel for people wanting something larger.


What do I need in order to install one of your steering wheels?

As mentioned in the descriptions, you will need to purchase a hub adapter or steering wheel kit in addition to having a spacer kit which is included with all of the steering wheels. You can purchase a hub adapter or steering wheel kit at most of your local auto parts stores such as AutoZone, NAPA, O'Reilly, Pepboys and Advance Auto Parts. You can also search for steering wheel kits online. Grant steering wheel kits work perfectly with our steering wheels and they can be found online pretty easily.

We now carry the adapter / steering wheel kit and it can be found on our Accessories page.

Here are some websites that sell the steering wheel kits:

http://www.grantproducts.com (This will tell you which kit # you will need. If your car is too new then you will have to use a kit for an older model as discussed below)

http://www.autozone.com (search for "steering wheel kits" in Product Search)


http://www.thepartsbin.com/ (Select the Make, Model & Year, then click on "Steering Wheel Installation Kits" under the "Steering" heading)

http://www.summitracing.com/ (Just search for "Grant kit" or "Steering wheel kit")

http://www.carpartswholesale.com/ (Select the Make, Model & Year, then click on "Steering Wheel Installation Kits" under the "Universal Accessory" heading)

http://www.streetsideauto.com/ (Just search for "Grant kit" and you will get plenty of results)

www.ebay.com (You can search by Grant model # acquired from http://www.grantproducts.com or you can just enter your car make like "Ford grant steering wheel kit" and you should get some results)


What if my car has an airbag?

We DO NOT recommend replacing your airbag equipped steering wheel with one of our wheels or any steering wheel that does. If you remove your airbag and install one of our wheels, you assume all risk with regards to injury or death as a result. However, if you have already removed the airbag equipped steering wheel and are going to replace it anyway, our wheels will fit using the adapter from our Accessories page or Grant adapters. You may need to use a Grant adapter for an older model year but it most likely works.


Do your steering wheels fit boats? If so, what do I need to install them?

Yes, our steering wheels will fit on boats. You will need the same Grant installation kit, but for boats. Most boats have a 3/4 in. tapered shaft and the Grant 3627-1 will work perfectly. Here are some links to purchase the kit:

Grant 3627-1 (Street Side Auto)

Grant 3627-1 (JEGS)

Grant 3627-1 (Summit Racing)

If your boat has a square shaft, there is also a Grant kit available for you. It is the Grant 3624-1. Here is a link to that kit:

Grant 3624-1 (Summit Racing)

There are also additional marine kits, such as the following:

Grant 3650-1 (Summit Racing) / Grant 3650-1 (JEGS)

Grant 3656-1 (Summit Racing) / Grant 3656-1 (JEGS)

Grant 3655-1 (Summit Racing) / Grant 3655-1 (JEGS)

Grant 5627-1 (Summit Racing) / Grant 5627-1 (JEGS)

Also try Grant Marine for more details.


Do you have any installation instructions?

The Grant steering wheel installation kits and other installation kits usually come with instructions.

Here are some websites that offer some basic instructions:

Link 1

Link 2


What if I am unable to find a kit for my car?

Almost all cars manufactured after 1990-1992 have airbags and thus no one makes steering wheel kits for these cars. However, you can still put one of our steering wheels in those cars by purchasing a steering wheel kit for an older model of your car or manufacturer. For example, if you have a 1993 Chevrolet Caprice, you can try using a steering wheel kit for a 1988 Chevrolet Caprice. We do not guarantee that they will work, so please purchase at your own discretion.


What if I want to make my steering wheel detachable?

In order to do this, you will need to purchase a security kit. Here are some direct links to these kits:

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3


What if I don't like the Raptor horn button logo and want something else?

Our horn buttons can be easily opened using a flathead screwdriver. You will first need to remove the horn button from the wheel. You can do this by pushing out the horn button with your fingers from behind the wheel. Once it's our, you need to remove the silver trimming around the horn. You can then use a flathead screwdriver to pop open the plastic cover from the seams. You can then insert a logo of your choice inside the horn button. You just need to print a color logo that is the same size as the Raptor logo and you just slide it inside and pop the cover back on. It's that simple.


What is your return policy?

We have a 30 day return policy on all of our products.

How much time from purchase does a customer have to request a refund?

A customer can request a refund within 30 days of receiving the item. Since orders ship the same day, or next, we cannot guarantee that we can cancel an order prior to it being shipped. Please contact us as soon as you place your order if you would like to make changes or cancel.

All refunds and credits will go back to the same form of payment used. Item must be in new in-box/unopened condition for a full refund. If an item is opened, used or otherwise, a 20% restocking fee will apply. Any steering wheel received back scuffed, scratched, or damaged, will not qualify for a refund. If you receive a damaged item, you must contact us within 24 hours of receiving it in order to have a replacement sent out to you

A customer can initiate a return by sending us an e-mail or contacting us from our Contact Us page. Customer will be responsible for return shipping unless the item was received damaged.




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